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Bondioli & Pavesi SpA web site - Cookie Policy
Welcome to the web site of Bondioli & Pavesi. Please take a few moments to read this page, which describes the types of cookies used on the site. This policy, together with the Privacy statement, explains how information on users may be utilized.


Cookies: what are they and what do they do?
“Cookies” are small text files that will be sent to your computer or mobile device whenever you access a given web site or use the services it offers. Their purpose is to acquire and convey information. Cookies are sent by the web server (on which the visited site is running) to the browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.), and saved on your computer. If you want to find out more on the subject of cookies, visit the web page Generally considered, cookies can be used for different reasons, such as counting the number of visits to a site, improving the navigation experience on web pages, setting personal preferences on favourite or selected sites, and equally for protecting user security.


Types of cookies used by Bondioli & Pavesi
When surfing the internet, certain items of information are saved automatically, such as the name of your Internet Service Provider, the site you have come from, the pages visited, duration of the visit, etc... This information will be recorded in a completely anonymous form. Cookies used by our sites can be classified according to the purpose they serve, as described below. 


Static cookies
These are used for aggregate analysis of web site traffic and typically for monitoring which pages of the site and which services are most popular with users — always as aggregate data, never individual. Static cookies are used simply for the purpose of helping us to improve the way our site operates, and to understand the interests of our users.


Session Cookies
These are used solely to allow access to certain services offered by the site. They are saved for the duration of the browsing session and then deleted.


Acceptance of this policy
Accepting the Cookie Policy will mean that cookies can be used in the manner described on this page. Should you decide not to accept the policy, we must ask you to make the appropriate settings on your internet browser or to refrain from using the Bondioli & Pavesi web site. Remember that if certain cookies are deactivated, your internet browsing activity could be affected.


How to inspect and delete cookies
The majority of internet browsers are configured originally to accept cookies automatically. You can change the browser settings at any given moment in such a way as to accept all cookies, or certain cookies only, or to refuse them, disabling their use by the sites you visit. In addition, you can set your browser preferences so as to generate a warning whenever a cookie is saved to the memory of your computer. It is also possible to erase collected cookies from the hard disk at the end of every browsing session. Single browsers have different procedures for the management of settings, but these will generally include the option of deleting cookies deposited in the relative folder. Clicking on the links below, you can find specific instructions for some of the most popular browsers:

Microsoft Windows Explorer
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari