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Founded in 1950, today Bondioli & Pavesi is an industry leader in the power transmission sector thanks to a Group of eleven manufacturing companies in Italy and around the world, each of which is strategic in the creation of mechanical, hydraulic and electronic components. The sales network, consisting of fourteen sales companies, provides customers with commercial support, technical assistance and the availability of complete components and original spare parts all over the world.


The story of Bondioli & Pavesi begins in Suzzara, Italy, and speaks of goals achieved and constant growth. As the first Italian company to offer a complete driveline system to the agricultural machinery sector, over the years Bondioli & Pavesi has dedicated its efforts to continually expanding its range of products and services with the support of a large-scale industrial group organisation and the various specialised Production Units.


The increasingly international direction taken by the Group is demonstrated by its presence in more than fifty countries, which today represents 86% of total turnover (37% outside the EU). The success of Bondioli & Pavesi products and solutions can be attributed to the continuous attention paid to customers and their needs, which in turn is guaranteed by a precise policy of research, investment in innovation and improvement of production processes, as well as the company's willingness to implement ideas and projects in direct partnership with the manufacturers themselves.

Production Units

Design and production


Bondioli & Pavesi has eleven production facilities, each specialized in the design and manufacture of a particular power transmission component. Each company is independently organized to provide customers with the maximum possible benefit.


Suzzara - MN - Italy

The credibility and reputation gained over almost seventy years of activity and market presence have made Bondioli & Pavesi a leader in the production of components for power transmission. The parent company of an ever-growing Group, Bondioli & Pavesi is a point of reference across the world in the manufacture of cardan drivelines for the agricultural sector and of gearboxes used in all types of industrial and agricultural applications, fulfilling the requirements of customers in every corner of the globe.

B.I.M.A. Srl

Reggio Emilia - RE - Italy

B.I.M.A. has been part of the Group since 1997 but it had begun its successful collaboration with Bondioli & Pavesi ten years earlier. It is the Production Unit that specialises in the design and manufacture of parallel axis gearboxes, which are available in an extensive range of standard configurations or can be developed and custom made to meet any specific need.


Pieve di Cento - BO - Italy

The company has been part of the Bondioli & Pavesi Group for over thirty years and specialises in the production of axial piston pumps and motors, gear pumps and motors, and servocontrols, which are used for a host of industrial and agricultural mechanisation applications. This Production Unit has recently taken over SM Oleodinamica Srl, which joined the Group in 2014 bringing its range of axial piston pumps and motors, and pump-motor coupling systems with it.


Montecchio Maggiore - VI - Italy

DINOIL joined the Bondioli & Pavesi Group in 1986 and is responsible for the design and construction of directional control valves, which are used in an extensive range of applications in the agricultural, construction and earth moving sectors. In line with the company philosophy, these products are available as part of a standard range or are developed in close collaboration with the customer for use in specific applications.

Lestans - PN - Italy

This modern plant is dedicated to the manufacture of the high-precision components that are used in the pumps and valves produced in all the Group's plants. This Production Unit demonstrates the importance of a strategy that focuses on investment in technology, with a view to making components that are increasingly innovative and reliable, to be used directly in the manufacturing processes of the companies that make up the Bondioli & Pavesi Group.


Dosso Terre del Reno - FE - Italy

This company specialises in the production of high-quality heat exchangers, using cutting-edge technologies in the production of aluminium radiator cores, with the ability to provide the market with both standard and customised heat exchangers in traditional, combined and giant versions. Part of the Group since 1987, the company is particularly renowned for its applications involving mobile machinery and industrial installations.


Protivín - Czech Republic

The company boasts a history spanning more than 100 years and was established as a division specialising in machining complete gearboxes and components for the motorcycle industry. Today, its activities are concentrated on the production of precision gears and it remains a point of reference within this sector, whilst also manufacturing gearboxes used both in agricultural and industrial applications. Although it became part of the Bondioli & Pavesi Group in 2007, its headquarters continue to be in the Czech Republic.


Santana De Parnaiba - SP - Brazil

The company was founded in 2000 as part of a joint venture between Bondioli & Pavesi and Engrecon S/A, a Brazilian company specialising in the construction of gearboxes for agriculture machinery and for special applications. Today, it enjoys a reputation for reliability and is an ideal partner for mobile machinery manufacturers, uniting the best aspects of the company's international experience with its consolidated presence throughout Brazil.


Caxias Do Sul - RS - Brazil

Founded in 2002, the company manufactures cardan transmissions and directional control valves, as well as marketing a range of hydraulic products on the Brazilian and Latin American markets. The decision taken by Bondioli & Pavesi to open a production plant on site has proven to be a resounding success, enabling the exploitation of the full potential of the economic growth in Brazil and in South American as a whole.


Hangzhou - China

Founded in 2000 as a representative office, the Chinese company has developed into a central buying hub, focusing on all activities related to representing the company on the Chinese market. Today, the sales division operates alongside a production plant dedicated to the manufacture of cardan transmissions and directional control valves for the Chinese and international markets.


Chakan Pune - India

Bondioli & Pavesi India commenced operations in 2012 producing pumps, axial piston motors and directional control valves for the leading local manufacturers of agricultural and mobile machinery, construction projects and public works. In the Chakan Pune plant, key European components and parts machined in India are assembled with a guarantee of the highest possible quality standards. Each component produced is tested on special test benches in order to ensure utmost reliability and convenience.

Commercial and Logistic Companies

Sales and Assistance
Commercial strength is the strategic premise of any development. For this reason, Bondioli & Pavesi has been working since 1967 to establish commercial and logistics companies in the main world markets, optimising the distribution of its products and ensuring the provision of the best possible technical assistance to its customers.

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