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¡Feliz Cumpleaños Bondioli y Pavesi!

Hoy es un día especial: nuestra Empresa apaga sus primeras 68 velas! Las cosas han cambiado mucho desde el 1950, pero los valores que nos caraterizan siguen siendo los mismos: el espiritu inovador, que aprende del ayer para ser mejor hoy y mañana, las ganas de hacer, y sobretodo la pasión por nuestro trabajo.

“Transmisión de potencia” no dice sólo lo que hacemos, sino quienes somos: profesionales incansables y siempre en movimiento, conscientes que cada logro necesita mucho trabajo.

¡Feliz Cumpleaños Bondioli y Pavesi!

19 Octubre 2018


Earth Day 2020

Environmental commitment is one of the reference values of our Code of Conduct.
Activities in our factories, certified ISO 50001 and ISO 14001, are carried out with the aim of ensuring Energy and Environmental Efficiency.

Happy Easter!

Celebrating Easter looks and feels so different for all of us this year.

We wish our Collaborators, Customers, Friends and their Families a Safe, Happy and (more than ever now) Healthy Easter weekend.

United we win!

Working in our factories and choosing our products, Collaborators and Customers renew their trust in us every day.

As a Company, we are called to a sense of responsibility honoring the trust and following the safety protocols.

United we win.

Integrated, we are stronger

People’s health, safety and security is - and always will be - our very first priority.

In these challenging times, everyone has their own role to play and we are trying to do our best to meet all our stakeholders’ needs.


Integrated, we are stronger.