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At present companies take on more and more responsibilities, and not only as for the economic effects of their business. In fact they play more extensive and wide roles.
While efficiently complying with more and more requirements, companies should prove their awareness that their production cycles and consequent final products include interests which do not only affect the consumer, but the citizen mainly.

These are interests that aim at protecting the environment, health, safety and security, jobs, future and the wealth of the entire community as well as the social relationship system.

Within such a frame, excellence is always looked for and promoted when supplying products and services through a constant and punctual stimulation of the design, research, production and sale processes, in the respect of any employee, customer, supplier and the environment where the factory is located.

Therefore the company decided to enforce the present Code of Conduct drafted as a real Declaration of Relationships that the company develops with its Stakeholders (shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers).

The Code of Conduct defines values the company strongly believes in and which it would like to be committed to, it puts forward the principles of conduct they depend on, according to the relationships with its Stakeholders. Such a tool is functional to the increase of everybody's consistency inside the company as to get the confidence of the relating interlocutors.


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