Bondioli & Pavesi

Bondioli & Pavesi has nurtured one passion from the beginning:
the transmission of power.
The results are an integrated line of products designed and manufactured to satisfy the requirements of our customers. To meet the requirements of a global market, Bondioli & Pavesi has progressively grown, acquiring expertise and technical known-how, adding new companies and products to its corporate structure.
The result is a major industrial group of independent units whose design, production, sales, servicing and complementary functions are harmoniously coordinated.
Drive shafts
Farming is undergoing a period of tremendous change, comparable in importance to early mechanization when tractors and m
The gearbox is a fundamental component of the power transmission system of many types of agricultural machinery. Ist mos
Gear pumps and motors
Gear pumps and motors are among the most produced and used hydraulic units. Bondioli & Pavesi’s range distingu
Axial piston pumps and motors
Electronic control units
The electronic control units are used on different Bondioli & Pavesi components to solve various applications in the...
Directional control valves
Bondioli & Pavesi offers a wide range of monoblock and modular directional control valves. Circuits can be parallel,
Cartridge valves and inline valves
A complete series of cartridge valves integrates the group’s offer of oil-pressure components. Bondioli & Pave
Servo controls
The servo controls are pilot devices for the remote control of variable displacement pumps and directional control valve
Feeding unit
The power supply units takes a portion of the oil contained in the circuit to feed servocontrols under a constant pressu
Heat exchangers
Bondioli & Pavesi specializes in the designing and manufacturing of high – efficiency heatexchangers, large-si
Fan drive systems
The Fan Drive system is an integrated solution for heat exchangers equipped with a hydraulic motor-driven fan. According